Postdoc projects

"Oxidative stress as a mediator of endothelial dysfunction - identification and analysis of biomarkers", by Alan S.N. Mortensen. Post doc initiated Sept. 2010. Finalized

"In vivo pharmacology and cardiovascular diseases", by Malene Muusfeldt Birck. Post doc initiated 1. Feb. 2011. Finalized

"Next generation Natriuretic peptides: Chronic heart failure model in minipig", by Ingrid Hunger, Post doc initiated 1 July 2012. Finalized

"Analytical pharmacology and toxicology", by Anis Arnous, Post doc initiated 1 March 2013. Finalized

"Molecular pharmacology and toxicology", by Gry Freja Skovsted, Post doc initiated 1 November 2014. Finalized.

"Analytical biochemistry", by Anne Marie Schou-Pedersen, Post doc initiated 1 March 2015. Finalized.

"Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology", by Liselotte Bruun ChristiansenPost doc initiated 1 January 2016. Finalized.

"Effects of semaglutide in the guinea pig non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) model", by David Højland Ipsen. Post doc initiated 1 July 2017. Finalized.

"Gene modification of the CS7BL/6 mouse to increase the translationability of the diet induced obese model" by Caroline M. Junker Mentzel. Post doc initiated 1 November 2017. Finalized.

"Treating atherosclerotic plaque of tomorrow: Unravelling the mechanisms underlying plaque erosion" by Ditte Marie Jensen. Post doc initiated 1 March 2019. Finalized.

"Hepatic regulation of energy balance is mediated by expression of the ghrelin receptor antagonist Lleap2" by Anna Katrina Gradel. Post doc initiated 1 August 2020.

"Mode of delivery – effects on the development of obesity and insulin resistance" by Caroline M. Junker Mentzel. Post doc initiated 1 November 2020.

"Pharmacological regulation of body weight set-point through the HPA axis" by Lola Torz Pedersen. Post doc initiated 1 December 2020.